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ITU 27
DigiLite 70cm + RA60H3847M1 PA Home RA60H3847M1 Power Module. RA60H3847M1 Power Module Aluminium Box 295mm x 190mm x 90mm. Aluminium Box Power Amplifiere. Aluminium Box 295mm x 190mm x 90mm DigiLite Print BATC Home brew. Fuse holder power Module + DigiLite + L.O. + 7809 ventilator + 7805 SPF5189z Front aluminium box with switches Power connection print DigiLite + L.O. At the back opening for module. DigiLite 70cm 436Mhz + PA useable for DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T/T2. Power module Standby + PTT switch. DigiLite 70cm output + PA input + PA output. DigiLite 70cm 436Mhz USB input port.
DigiLite only DVB-S, SPF5189z =16dBm, RA60H3847M1= 40dBm DigiLite + SPF5189z  wide band amplifier+ RA60H3847M1
PA usable with Lime SDR mini or Adalm Pluto